To be born as a man is a very sacred thing. Baba says:
“To sanctify your precious human birth, you must fill yourselves with sacred thoughts and embark on the quest for God.”

Spirituality means destroying the animal nature in man and making him realize his divine consciousness. Baba explains that it is the decline of spirituality that has led to all the disorders and maladies in the country.

The Lord, who is the embodiment of love, can be experienced only through love. As He is the incarnation of Truth and Righteousness, He can be realized only through Truth and Righteousness. A disciple must always bear in mind the supreme importance of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness) and Prema (Love). When one dedicates one’s life to God and adheres to the path of righteousness one can sanctify one’s life and achieve peace, happiness and prosperity.

Sadhana means converting bad into good, transforming evil into virtue. In the absence of any change for the better in one’s daily conduct, all spiritual practices will be futile. Baba teaches that mere reading of the Bible or reciting the Quran, repeating the Bhagawad Gita or chanting the Granth Saheb is not meritorious. The basic teachings in each of these texts have to be put into practice in daily life.

To experience God, one has to do it through one’s duties and actions. Action is the path by which wisdom is attained, and action finds fulfilment when wisdom dawns. Baba teaches that wisdom in action is the highest karma (action which leads to reaction).

Worthwhile activity must result in purifying the mind. The mind of man has to undergo transformation. It must not promote bondage but liberation. It must turn Godward and inward, not worldward and outward. Man can sanctify his life by rendering dedicated service without attachment.

Unfortunately, man struggles to experience awareness of the Higher Self. Man, because he is bound to worldly attachments, forgets the Truth about the Absolute and is lost in mundane concerns. The common man, who is a prey to desire, fear and hatred, is far from experiencing the Supreme Bliss (Brahmaananda). Swami says that if desire, fear and hatred are given up, man will be able to understand to some extent the nature of this Supreme Bliss.

Indeed, the very basis of spiritual progress is the denial of the “I” and the joyful acceptance of the “We”, which is but the merging of the “I” in “He”.

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