“The Divine principle is in the very core of man. Becoming aware of this truth is the duty of man and the goal of life. It is the source of strength which is unfailing and irresistible.”

Man is a combination of the body, the mind and the spirit (Atma). The purpose of human life is to realize the Divine principle within and, therefore, the only truth man has to discover is the truth that God and man are One. In this context, human birth is the rarest among all living beings. There is no need to proceed towards God or call on Him to come from somewhere outside oneself. We need only to become aware of Him as our inner motivator.

Self-knowledge and the knowledge of God are not different; they are the same spiritual wisdom, the one divine knowledge. Only knowledge of the Self allows one to overcome all suffering and misery; it bestows all happiness.

This realization of the inner-Self can be gained if man resorts to proper inquiry and acquires purity of mind and heart. Man can manifest the Divine Consciousness in him with truthful speech, virtuous acts, and holy thoughts, so revealing the divine qualities of love, humility, detachment and contentment.

Baba always said that love is the most direct means of attaining God. Only when he directs his love towards God will man be able to experience the divine within him. Yet, on the path of devotion it is not enough to love God; one must also engage in activities which are pleasing to the Lord, so that one can evoke God’s love and feel His love.

There are a number of characteristics that a devotee should possess which will endear him to the Lord. One has to love all without distinction, as the Lord resides in everyone and He is everyone, and He is the very embodiment of love. The best way to love God is to Love All and Serve All.

“Start the day with Love,
Fill the day with Love,
End the day with Love,
That is the way to God.”

True divinity is a combination of spirituality and social obligations. It is the Divine that links spirituality and social existence.

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