The world is enveloped in fear. If one wants to banish this fear, one has to develop firm faith in God as the sole refuge. Then one is freed from fear. Shedding all fear, one should carry on one’s work with courage and determination, without any worry about the future, and plunge into service activities. If one acts with this faith and if one adheres to Truth and Righteousness these will protect one. Swami tells us to live up to the Truth of our being and act righteously.

The loveless are enveloped in fear. Love instills courage and promotes adventure. If one follows the Master, one can face the Devil, fight to the end and finish the game.

Of all the great virtues, fearlessness is the ideal virtue. Unless one has fearlessness, one will never be able to live comfortably. When a person is obsessed with fear he becomes extremely timid, he cannot shine in the world. Therefore, the Bhagawad Gita has taught that one should become totally fearless. Fearlessness (Abhaya) cannot be considered as just the absence of fear, which is Nirbhaya. They are not the same.

Both fear and absence of fear are associated with body-consciousness. Absence of fear can sometimes be foolish, such as when the body is threatened with harm. Fearlessness is beyond body-consciousness. It can be experienced only when one recognizes the truth of the One Divinity without a second, who is resident in full measure in every heart.

A person who is truly fearless will have detachment from all the objects of the world and be saturated with the Love of God. On the other hand, one who is egoistic about his body and his worldly accomplishments will be full of fear. The one who is free from fear will never entertain attachment to worldly objects and egoism.

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