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“Spiritual transformation calls for changing the mind from a prisoner of the three qualities (Gunas) to one that is bound to God. You have to acquire the firm conviction that the Divine is the basis and Sustainer of the Universe.”

In a discourse published in volume 10 of the Sathya Sai Speaks series, Baba said members of the Sai Organisation need to learn the truth about themselves first. He said that when man knows he is the Indestructible, Eternal Atman, he is free from fear. Importantly, He explained that truth can shine forth only from a purified mind and a clarified intellect, and so the Organisation must follow and observe the disciplines laid down for these two processes.

He also explained that man has to overcome the animal instincts in him and then install God in his heart.

Baba said members of the Organisation need to ask themselves honestly whether they have improved in any way, and whether they are participating in the activities whole-heartedly with a sense of conviction and love from the depths of the heart. Participation should bring out a transformation in the heart. He added that the work should be done with love in the heart, and the service done should radiate the fragrance of love. This will bring bliss of the Atma within and confer self-confidence.


I. Bhajans:

Bi-weekly bhajans are held on Thursday and Sunday at the two Centres from 6:25 – 7:50 p.m. On the last Thursday of each month a darshan video is shown in place of the regular message. Every 6 weeks, a long video is shown on Sunday which starts before the regular bhajan time.

II. Presentations:

Presentations on Swami’s teachings and our practice are occasionally given after Thursday bhajans on a variety of topics of interest to devotees, including Swami’s Code of Conduct, the 9 Forms of Devotion and the “Universality of Swami’s Teachings” (an inter-faith programme).

The focus of the presentations and videos after Swami’s MahaSamadhi has been on His teachings, and how we devotees have to live the message of love and values that Swami exemplified in His life.

III. Suprabhatum:

This is chanted at the TST Centre every Thursday morning from 7:30 a.m. onwards, followed by a few bhajans until 8:00 a.m. when arti is offered. *Closed for Summer Break*

IV. Study Circles:

A number of are conducted throughout the week in English, Chinese and Nepalese in the two Centres. Details of these are available from our Weekly Activity Chart.

V. Festivals:

A few festivals are celebrated in both Centres, including Lunar New Year, Mahashivaratri, Guru Poornima, Akhand Bhajans, Baba’s Birthday and Christmas.

VI. Baba’s Birthday:

This is the most important event and is celebrated with morning prayers at 5 a.m. and an evening cultural programme which lasts about 3 hours. Normally about 1,500 people attend the evening programme. A special seva is organized to celebrate the event.

VII. Namavali:

Is recited in turn by certain devotees at home each day. Also, weekly reading of the Shirdi Sai Satcharitra and Tapovanam is also done.

VIII. Inter-Faith Meetings:

The Sai Organisation participates in regular dialogue on spiritual and religious topics. In turn, the meetings are held in the TST Centre with light dinner and discussion.

IX. Sadhana Camps:

These are planned each year. The last one was in January 2013.

For any inquiries please contact the Spiritual Convenor Anju Daswani at

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